Halloween 2018 at Isla Magica

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To celebrate Halloween, Seville’s famous theme park Isla Mágica will dress for the occasion, starting on the 12th of October. Scary ornaments will adorn every corner of the park, recreating scenes of terror. Black and heavy tones, ghosts, zombies, witches and monsters will leap from the shadows to scare your family. So make sure you get your Isla Magica tickets today!

Halloween 2018 Isla Magica
Halloween 2018 Isla Magica.

The Arch of Entry will be converted into the “arch of hell fire” where Lucifer and Satan will fight each other to recruit the most ill-behaved children into their armies of the dead. After entering the park, you can head straight to the stands with professional makeup artists. This is the opportunity for the young ones to paint their faces lie princes or princesses, pirates or superheroes, villains or sportsmen. 

On the stage Maravedí there will be a casting, carried out by the Adams family, to choose someone from the crowd to join the family. The members of the Adams family are an invention of the cartoonist Charles Adams and became world famous with the Paramount Pictures movie in 1991. This dysfunctional and extremely frightening family will certainly provide a good laugh and scare to the whole family. 

Do not forget to visit the “Ghostbusters Fountain of Youth” where a very peculiar ghost hunter will need all the help he can find to hunt down the various ghosts that are on the loose around Isla Magica. 

After that, be sure to visit the famous psychic Spirit Manifiéstate, who will help you establish contact with the spirits. 

At Corral de Comedies you will be presented with the Isla Magica’s version of the famous song Thriller by Michael Jackson: a crazy story about Zombies, which ends with a flash mob in the Juan Alarcón Square. 

Isla Mágica will also present: 

  • an adaptation of the Mutiny show entitled “Mutiny Zombie”;  
  • a spectacle about a horror story called “No Mires”;  
  • and a sketch about an evil witch with a diabolical plan that involves using animals to create monsters  

At the waterpark’s movie theatre you can watch the horror movies Happy Family and Damn Mansion.  

We also recommend that you be careful about crossing the Path of Terror. Legend has it that anyone who dares to enter it shall never leave…  

Captain Crow Cemetery, located in the Asador de la Selva, gives you the opportunity to visit a pirate graveyard and includes as well a very special surprise on this year’s Halloween. 

There will also be a parade from the Condor to the amphitheatre of the Lake “Posession”. All those participating in the Halloween festival are invited to be part of the parade.  

For all these reasons and many more do not miss the opportunity to visit Isla Mágica, from October 12, to celebrate Halloween in an originally scary way.