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Flyboard in Armação de Pêra – Fly above the waters!

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Flyboarding in Armação de Pêra (15min duration):
Participant: 65€


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Flyboard in Armação de Pêra65.00

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Did you ever dreamed of those flying boards from the movies like one from Back to the Future?

The Flyboard may be one of the closest things to this today! This board have thrusters under the board that shots water with such force that will make you fly though the air in any direction you like, as long as you can control it to do so!

This new sport can combines the adrenaline and freedom of flying with the refreshing sea!

The Flyboarding in Armação de Pêra is what you may want to do this summer. Don’t miss this chance to fly above the amazing sea at the Algarve!

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