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Lagos Paintballing

Lagos paintballing is located in a beautiful natural woodland area and offers a space for safe, fun and challenging paintballing.

The experienced and professional team lead you over to the paintball area which is cordoned off for safety to prevent any stray paintballs from hitting anyone and you are provided with everything you need for the paintballing experience including a boiler suit to protect your clothes, and a mask with goggles for face protection. Gloves are also given out with padding on them and you are of course given a gun and ammo.

Make up your own games or follow the lead of the instructors and if you run out of paintballs, don’t worry you can buy more at any time to make sure your game continues for as long as you want it to.

€18 per person with 150 balls (min. age 10 years old)

During off-peak season a minimum no. of people may be required

Ticket Type Price Cart
Paintballing 18.00

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All bookings are subject to availability and to confirmation.

Reference x060.

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