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In the Algarve you can find several marinas, but few will have the quality and beauty of Albufeira Marina. Read our latest article to find out more!

Trip report by Algarve Fun’s writer Vicente Lourenço. Having spent most of his life in the Algarve, Vicente knows most of its secrets and loves to share it with newcomers. He likes travelling, outdoor sports and exotic food.

Portugal is a country with an extensive coastline, which is why it is not surprising that there are several marinas and ports scattered from north to south of Portugal. In the Algarve you can find several marinas, but few will have the quality and beauty of Albufeira Marina. Inaugurated on August 1, 2003, Albufeira Marina has quickly developed a reputation as one of the best marinas in the country because of its location, architecture and quality of the infrastructures presented.

The first thing we notice when we get to the Marina is its multi-coloured buildings. Blue, yellow, orange, pink or green buildings calmly await visitors. The sight of this kind of real estate rainbow served to make me happy and it put a smile on my lips. In fact, the architecture of Albufeira Marina, carried out by the famous Portuguese architect Tomás Taveira, was arranged so that it would evoke good feeling to its visitors. The urbanism was the work of the equally known Sidónio Pardal.

Albufeira marina with sailing boat and colourfull
Albufeira marina with sailing boat and colourfull buildings

I stood still for a while looking at the boats. The biggest yachts and catamarans were the most impressive. Some twenty-metre long boats promised me a life of luxury crossing the seas of the planet. Albufeira Marina has space for 475 boats in total. Another cool thing about the Marina is that it is the most sheltered marina in the country, having been built in a small bay. Because it is quite sheltered, boats that stay in Albufeira Marina wear out much less than if they were in another seaport since they are far less exposed to the forces of nature.

As I strolled through the Marina, I realized that there was an atmosphere of tranquillity throughout the space. Despite the existence of bars, shops and recreational activities (like bungee-jumping), the Marina resonates with a profound calmness. This is a great place to spend a morning or an afternoon with the family. Not only are there various activities for the younger ones, such as crazy golf, go karting, motorized scooters, among others, as there are several terraces that offer a breath-taking view over the water while sipping a beer or a glass of wine.

Despite this tranquillity, at night Albufeira Marina vibrates with excitement. The bars are crowded, with several people enjoying the best that the night of Albufeira has to offer. Many of Marina’s bars feature karaoke, live music shows, or screens featuring the biggest sporting events of the evening. During the summer most pubs, restaurants and shops are open until later, contributing to the nightlife of the Marina.

With its hotels, apartments, swimming pools, restaurants and entertainment and leisure centres, Albufeira Marina has something to offer to all tastes and ages. Located right in the centre of the Algarve, just 40 kilometers from Faro International Airport, the Marina was awarded the 5 Golden Anchors by the TYHA / British Marine Federation and was also awarded the Blue Flag.

With so many boats you can be sure of a great choice of boat trips from Albufeira.

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