Algarve by Segway – a sightseeing and bird watching tour with a difference!

Discover the Algarve in a whole new way with a trip on a Segway, the fun, ecological and most innovative way to get around the region!

Beach Sunset By Segway

Discover the Algarve in a whole new way with a trip on a Segway, the fun, ecological and most innovative way to get around the region!

You may have seen Segways about on your travels, they are the two wheeled vehicles that you stand on to operate and have grown in popularity thanks to them being a fun and safe way to travel while using very little energy.

Touring around the Algarve on a Segway may not be the first thing you think of for an Algarve attraction but it offers every member of the family the chance to move freely around the Algarve, whether along the cobbled calçada streets of the beautiful towns and cities of the region, over fields and along forest paths in Monchique or on the beaches, the Segway can take you to places you would never usually find.

We all know how hard it can be to motivate a family to get out for a walk, with the common moans of “my legs hurt” after five minutes driving many parents to distraction but with a trip on a Segway you experience all the beauty of a walk but with none of the effort, making this a perfect choice for families with different interests!

Getting to grips with the Segway is much easier than it looks and within only a few minutes you feel confident and in control.  The Segway uses the equilibrium of the driver to move and all you have to do is lean forward, backwards or to the left or the right to make the Segway travel in the direction you want it to go in.

While the Segway is sturdy and robust, it is not a massive piece of equipment and it is actually no wider than a person, which means you can travel easily and discreetly about the Algarve without disturbing anyone else or the nature around you.

AlgarvebySegway offer a number of different options for people looking to explore the Algarve by this unique mode of transport and you can tailor a trip based exactly on your own needs and what you are looking for.  Contact our friendly team to let them know where you want to use the Segway and if you would prefer to hire them for a set trip, a certain amount of time or even for a birthday party.

Ria Formosa Bird Watching

The Segways really do get everywhere in the Algarve and you can take part in a trip to various Algarve hotspots, including the stunning Ria Formosa National Park where you will have plenty of opportunity to spot different species of birds while admiring the expansive beaches and sand dunes.

Head into the mountains of Monchique on your Segway and meander through the quaint narrow streets before climbing up the mountain to the highest point of the Algarve at Fóia, where you can then look down across the region all the way to the sea.

If none of the set tours interest you then we can work to put together an unforgettable experience for you on your Segway in the Algarve, designed entirely for you.

Hop on a Segway for an Algarve experience like no other and explore this beautiful region in a fun and ecological way.