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Zoomarine is the premier family attraction in the Algarve, offering a blend of shows featuring marine mammals, informative exhibits and water park attractions all in one location.

The park is open between March and October and is one of the most popular family attractions in the region with the live shows being the main draw.

Watch as the Zoomarine dolphins, sea lions and birds interact naturally with their trainers and see the majestic marine mammals both above and below the water thanks to the pools with transparent sides.

Away from the animals there is still plenty of fun, including the hugely popular mini theme park, complete with big wheel and the pool areas, which are the perfect place to cool down in the summer months at Zoomarine.

Zoomarine Tickets Save Up to 16%:

Ticket Type Standard Price Our Price Saving
Adult 29.00€ 24.50€ 16%
Child (Over 1m tall, and aged 10 or under) 20.00€ 17.00€ 15%
Senior (Aged 65+) 20.00€ 17.00€ 15%
Infant (Under 1m tall, and aged under 10) Free Free

Zoomarine is open from 28th March to 26th November 2017

Any trip to the Algarve with children should include a visit to Zoomarine, located on the EN125 between Albufeira and Lagoa and easy to find if you are travelling by car.

Because Zoomarine is possibly the most popular attraction in the Algarve it means that it attracts a large volume of visitors, particularly in the summer months but the variety of shows and clever timetabling of the top attractions by Zoomarine mean that you are able to enjoy all that is on offer, even during the peak months of July and August.

Zoomarine is open between March and October but if you are planning a visit in the spring or in the autumn be sure to first check the Zoomarine timetable as they do close on certain days and you don’t want to turn up to find the gates closed!  If you are in doubt, then simply get in touch with one of our helpful staff who are Zoomarine experts and will be able to guide you through the entire Zoomarine timetable to fit with your needs.

Perhaps the most popular feature of Zoomaine has to be the dolphins which you are able to see up close and personal thanks to the regular shows with the trainers that take place throughout the day.  The interaction between the Zoomarine dolphins and their trainers is wonderful to see and while the dolphins perform tricks, at no point do you feel that they are being made to do anything they don’t want to.

If you want to have an even more personal experience with the Zoomarine dolphins then there is the dolphin emotions package available which allows people to swim with the Zoomarine dolphins in a private area of the park away from the crowds.  Anyone who has ever dreamt of being able to swim with these amazing mammals can book a session before they visit the Zoomarine park for a truly memorable experience, recorded with photos from the park.

The Zoomarine shows with the dolphins, sea lions and birds are great for all ages and are entertaining enough to hold the attention of even small children but away from the marine life there are also many other areas of Zoomarine to explore.

The mini theme park with a little pirate ship, rollercoaster and big wheel will appeal to slightly older children while the water park with slides and artificial beach area are suitable for the entire family to have some fun in between the shows.

The importance of conservation is also highlighted at Zoomarine with the park actively working as a rescue centre and to educate children about marine wildlife which can be explored in the park with the help of the multilingual and very friendly team.

A trip to Zoomarine is a must for anyone in the Algarve, if you are travelling by car then it is a good idea to get there for when the park opens to make sure you don’t have to park too far away and it is possible to spend the entire day at the Zoomarine park with different entertainment to enjoy all day.

Be sure to remember your swimming stuff and towels to make the most of the water park elements and enjoy a fun filled family day out at Zoomarine.


Zoomarine is one of the most popular attractions in the Algarve, with the park constantly improving and expanding to provide the best possible family experience in the Algarve.  If you thought Zoomarine was just about the dolphin shows and marine life then you will be in for a real treat when you discover the wealth of other activities on offer at Zoomarine, with something for every member of the family.

The Zoomarine beach is a great example of how the park as a whole has progressed to become a place that you can spend the entire day in the Algarve.  Between watching the amazing Zoomarine marine life shows it is well worth heading down to the new Zoomarine beach to enjoy a rest on one of the loungers around the manmade beach area, complete with wave pool!

At the Zoomarine beach are you can find a large swimming pool area that laps onto the clean and fresh decking thanks to the wave pool feature that children of all ages will enjoy.  The beaches in the Algarve are some of the best in the world but there is no denying that the convenience of the manmade beach at Zoomarine has a real appeal, especially as it also includes a good selection of slides and water features to make it fun and exciting for older children.

The sun loungers, shades and gazebos provide an area to relax between the shows at Zoomarine and can also act as a great base for large groups or families who want to head off to enjoy different elements of Zoomarine before all coming back together to lie in the Algarve sunshine.

Make sure you take your swimming stuff and beach towel when you visit Zoomarine and add an extra element to a trip out at this premier family attraction in the Algarve.

Zoomarine Dolphin Shows

The Zoomarine dolphin shows and swimming with dolphin experiences have become some of the most popular attractions in the Algarve and it is not hard to see why, with these magical and beautiful mammals providing unique memories for visitors of all ages.

The Zoomarine dolphins remain the highlight at the park in the central Algarve and despite Zoomarine expanding and adding great new features, it is still perhaps the dolphins that leave the strongest impression.

Every visitor to Zoomarine should check the schedule of the shows as they arrive and plan a time to go and see the Zoomarine dolphin show, leaving good time to get there before the show starts to ensure one of the best spots.  These shows take place throughout the day in a large pool area where there is plenty of seating in the shade.

The show involves the trainers as they swim with dolphins around the enormous tank and you can see the dolphins as they twist and turn under the water thanks to the transparent sides.

Watch as the trainers are thrust into the air, pushed around the pool gently and play with each other during the Zoomarine dolphin show and be ready to catch one of the balls that the dolphins flip out of the water using their tails!

If watching the Zoomarine dolphins has given you the urge to get even closer, then you can swim with dolphins yourself at Zoomarine during a special Dolphins Emotions experience.  This is a magical and unique experience unlike any other in the Algarve and allows dolphin lovers to be able to play and interact with the Zoomarine dolphins in a quiet and safe area away from the rest of the park.

Zoomarine may have become an attraction with a huge amount of different features, including its own artificial beach and fairground, but it is still the Zoomarine dolphins that keep people returning time and again to this top Algarve family attraction.

Seals, Sea Lions and Zoomarine Dolphins

Zoomarine is famous in the Algarve for being able to swim with dolphins but the seals and sea lions at Zoomarine are a favourite for many, thanks to their friendly nature and great sense of humour!

When you arrive at Zoomarine take the time to have a look at the map of the park and the time schedules for all of the shows that take place.  We all know that the first stop is likely to be to see the Zoomarine dolphins but make your next stop for the day to see the show from the seals and sea lions.

The Zoomarine seals and sea lions have their own dedicated area in the park, near to the Zoomarine dolphins and you will know you are in the right place when you see the enormous pirate ship stage!

The seals and sea lion show is brilliant fun and is often a preference for younger visitors who really enjoy the story telling element of the sea lion show, the slapstick humour and the costumes of the trainers.

While the Zoomarine dolphin show is all about showing the grace and beauty of the dolphins and the skills of the trainers as they swim with dolphins, the sea lion and seal show is firmly focused on laughter and fun and is the perfect balance to the Zoomarine dolphins.

After the sea lion and seal show then take the opportunity to watch them as they play in their tanks or bathe in the Algarve sunshine, while learning a little more about these marine mammals that may look cumbersome on land but are graceful and speedy as soon as they hop into the water.

Enjoy a different marine mammal at Zoomarine and once you have watched their show, you are sure to fall just as in love with the seals and sea lions as you are with the Zoomarine dolphins!


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