Have you previously heard of Rota do Petisco and became interested in the concept but do not know exactly what it is or how it works? Don’t worry as we have you covered. In this article we explain what Rota do Petisco is, how it works, which Algarve counties adhere to this initiative and how you can participate.

The Rota do Petisco is essentially a Tapas Festival celebrated at towns across the Algarve and offers visitors an excellent opportunity to discover a huge range of traditional (and very tasty!) foods. Its also a great way to try out new restaurants and new parts of the Algarve.

Rota Do Petisco, dish with bread, ham and various pork sausages with orange slices
Traditional Tapas in Monchique. Photo by Região Sul.

Each participating restaurant offers only 1 dish which they believe that you’ll love. The cost is just €3 and this even includes a glass of wine so it really it is great value. Its normal to visit several restaurants in 1 night so plan your route carefully to make sure you take in your favourite dishes.

In order to participate in the event it is necessary to buy a “passport” that costs €1 and the money for which goes to support local social projects. The passport lists all the restaurants taking place, a map showing their locations, and importantly tells you what dish they are serving.

Be warned that the best restaurants will be busy so you may have to wait a little to get a table. Note you can only sit at the tables which have been marked for the Rota. This is so that the restaurants still have some tables available for ‘normal’ customers who just wish to order from the menu.

Rota do Petisco, organised by the association Teia D’Impulsos (TDI), is an initiative that aims at introducing the most divine gastronomic flavours of the Algarve to both Portuguese residents and tourists through Rota do Petisco do Algarve (RPA). Rota do Petisco do Algarve (Algarve Snack Route) was first created in 2011 and has been so successful that will now start the eighth edition.

Rota Do Petisco 2 clams behind, dish with green sauce on top
Fantastic Tapas that you can try. Photo by Postal.

This year, Rota do Petisco takes place between October 4 and November 4 2018 and covers almost the entire Algarve. This year’s edition includes the municipalities which also took part last year, such as Aljezur, Faro, Lagoa, Lagos, Monchique, Olhão, Portimão, Silves and Vila do Bispo, which are now joined by Albufeira, Castro Marim, São Brás de Alportel and Tavira.

To be entitled to these prices, you must present the passport of Rota do Petisco. The presentation of the passport is mandatory, except for children under 16 accompanied by their parents. A stamp will be placed on the passport after snacking at a particular establishment and, depending on the number of stamps, you can be entitled to winning different prizes.

We are sure this will be another successful edition as participating establishments are being challenged to create innovative menus with traditional regional products.

There is no pre-defined order to go through the Route, and any establishment that appears in the passport can be visited at any time during the course of Rota do Petisco. There is also no limit to the number of repetitions in the menu.

Rota Do Petisco rice with olives on top dish and salad overlooking the Marina
Enjoy this amazing Tapas with a great view. Photo by Sul Informação.

Enjoy relaxing on a terrace with some tapas and wine with the 8th edition of the Rota do Petisco do Algarve.

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