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Vilamoura Casino Dinner & Show

Great food, great entertainment
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Vilamoura is one of Europe’s most well-known luxury resorts. Situated in central Algarve, this resort boasts magnificent beaches, a fantastic marina with space for over 1000 boats, many high quality restaurants and bars, and the famous Vilamoura casino dinner shows.

The Vilamoura Casino, located at a short distance from Vilamoura Beach (only 7 minutes walk) is the best known casino in the Algarve. It has more than 500 gaming machines, numerous rooms where you can play blackjack (21), roulette and betting tables where you can play, among other things, poker. In fact, Vilamoura Casino hosts one of the stages of the Solverde Poker Season, a professional nationwide poker tournament.

Although gambling is the main reason why thousands of people visit the casino every year, the stage of the Vilamoura Casino offers various dance and music shows which you can enjoy while eating dinner such as hip-hop dances with fantastic acrobatic jumps and hallucinating pirouettes, classical dances, tap dancing, circus arts or fabulous music concerts.

The sumptuousness of the place and the maritime breeze rising from the nearby ocean gather the perfect conditions for you to enjoy a magnificent dinner at the Vilamoura Casino, while watching a fantastic live show on a stage where have performed such bands as Passion 4 Life, Abba Mia (an ABBA tribute band) and Kings & Queens.

The menu is varied and divine and the wine list is absolutely great. Whether you are alone, with your romantic partner or in a group, this is a night of glamor that you will definitely never forget.

In addition to Vilamoura you can also find casinos in Monte Gordo and Portimão with the dinner shows alternating between all 3 casinos frequently.

Show with Tourist Menu (X110D):
Starter + Main Course (fish or meat) + dessert + Coffee + Water + ½ Bottle of Wine and Show

Adult – €35

Show with one drink included (X110E):

Adult – €15

Spaces are limited and advanced booking is essential so book now

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All bookings are subject to availability and to confirmation.

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