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Shark fishing from Sagres

Shark fishing (identification and release)

There is a deep concern about the uncertain future of the sea and the most emblematic animals of marine life – sharks – due to the overfishing and destruction of habitats observed around the world.

This fishing trip promotes shark fishing using the “tag and release” method. This means that each captured sample is released alive in its natural environment. You will only have time to take a picture.

During capture and marking, the client can participate in the collection of scientific data that will later be shared with APECE and NOOA-USA, which provides us with all the necessary equipment for marking animals.

Price: Fisherman + Fishing License 5€

Participant: €80

Spectator: €50

Reference X 463

Book now to reserve your seat! Spaces are limited and advanced booking is essential so book now.

Ticket Type Price Cart
Shark fishing from Sagres 80.00

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