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Laguna Golf Course

Laguna Golf Course, proves that there is more to golf in Vilamoura than parkland with its water hazards and coastal terrain providing an alternative to other courses in the area.

The Dom Pedro Laguna course covers a distance of 6,121m and is a par 72, 18 hole course.

The location of the course, sparse planting of trees and water features gives the Laguna course a distinctly links feel, with the wildlife, aquatic birds, amphibians, otters and terrapins adding to the atmosphere.

Golf architect Joseph Lee designed the course which opened in 1990 but golfers may recognise some of the holes as previously being part of the 27 hole Vilamoura III course, with these holes being updated to present a challenge to golfers today.

The combination of bunkers and the naturally windy location make the Laguna course a true test of a golfers ability.

Golf Laguna green fees

General conditions – Special Christmas, Easter, Summer
1- Green fees are valid for 18 holes.
2- Junior Green fees – Offer (when buying 1 adult green fee)
3- Includes 8=7 offer, in the purchase of at least 3 rounds per group with bookings on consecutive days.
4- Rental of equipment subject to availability.
4.1- Buggy: 25€ – Reservations not allowed
4.2- Golf shoes: 7,50€ – Reservations upon prepayment
4.3 Golf bag with clubs: 10€ – Reservations upon prepayment

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Here is a helpful hole-by-hole guide to this course written by Rob Cheney. Rob is a leading PGA Pro with extensive knowledge of golf in the Algarve and over 15 years of coaching experience.

1. Opening Par 5 hole which requires your tee shot to avoid the fairway bunker on the right. The lay-up must be accurately placed to avoid five bunkers strategically located around 80m from the green. The large, split level green is protected on each corner by more sand.

2. A short Par which plays slightly downhill. Avoid the greenside bunkers and Par is a realistic score.

3. The next three holes all have water in play. This Par 4 is a dogleg from left to right with water lining the right side of the fairway. The ideal drive is aimed at the fairway bunker on the left with a slight fade to find the fairway. The water continues to protect the right side of the green, with a greenside bunker waiting on the left for any shot played too far away from the water.

4. A Par 3 that plays very differently depending on which tee you play from. However, all shots must be well struck to carry all the way to the green over the large greenside bunker in front, and the water hazard all the way along the right hand side of this hole.

5. Accuracy is the name of the game on this short Par 4 which snakes around the water hazard from left to right. Aim at the three fairway bunkers from the tee with a long iron or hybrid into the widest part of the fairway. The approach shot must be played across the edge of the lake which cuts into the fairway to a narrow green with water on the right, and two bunkers on the left ready to catch any shots played cautiously away from the lake.

6. Short Pat which offers the golfer a reasonable birdie opportunity. The tee shot must avoid the two bunkers on the left, with the longest hitters capable of driving very close to the green in one. There are no bunkers protecting the front of this green, but there are two waiting over the back for anything overhit.

7. Another short Par 4, but this time the tee shot requires more thought as the further you hit it, the narrower the fairway becomes. After finding the fairway, the approach with a short iron plays uphill to a raised green which is narrow and well protected by bunkers all around.

8. Dogleg left Par 5 which is reachable for the longer hitters. However, all players must negotiate the ten bunkers strategically positioned along this hole. The best line off the tee will depend very much on how far you can carry the ball, but anything landing between the fairway bunkers can be considered a success. The fairway then turn down and to the left with the second shot aimed between another cluster of fairway bunkers 50-100m from the green. Finally, the approach is uphill to a saucer shaped green protected all around by four more bunkers.

9. Demanding Par 4 to finish the front nine. The tee shot must be threaded between the bunker and out of bounds on the left, and the water hazard on the right. The lake continues along the right side of this hole and will catch any approach shot that is pushed or sliced to the right. There is a bail out area on the left for those wanting to avoid the water, leaving a chip up the green.

10. Par 5 which plays straight away with two fairway bunkers on the left side. The second shot should favour the left side of the fairway to allow the best approach to the green. The green is protected by bunkers at the front and back and a large umbrella pine tree to the front right.

11. Long Par 4 requiring two long shots to reach the green in regulation. The tee shot should be aimed at the fairway bunker on the left with a slight fade. The approach must carry the large front bunker to make it onto this green.

12. Pretty Par 3 played almost entirely over water. It goes without saying that the tee shot must be struck well to carry the lake. There is more room on the left, than the right of this green, but bunkers are waiting for any shot hit off line.

13. The longest Par 4 on the course and Stroke Index 1, most player will do well to play this as a Par 5 in their head. The tee shot must avoid the lone bunker and out of bounds on the left. The second shot should stay right of the green allowing the third shot to be played up the green taking the large front bunker out of play. Five is a good score here.

14. Short Par which doglegs 90* around a lake. The tee shot should be aimed at the right hand of the the two fairway bunkers in the distance with a fairway wood or hybrid. Then, turn sharp right and strike your short iron approach over the edge of the lake and between the three green side bunkers protecting the green.

15. Unusual Par 5 where the hole is split in half by a lake which starts on the left side of this hole, but then crosses the fairway around the halfway point before hugging the right hand side of the hole all the way to the green. Success on this hole is avoiding the water, as the rest of the hazards are less of a problem.

16. Fairly straightforward Par 4 where your tee shot should favour the right side of the fairway for the best angle of approach to the green. The second shot must avoid the three greenside bunkers, two on the left and one on the right.

17. Another Par 3 hole played across the water. This time the lake is on the left side of the green and a large bunker is on the right. Once again, you can bail out to the right, but that will leave you a chip shot playing straight back towards the water.

18. The final hole has no fairway bunkers to worry about, just make sure your tee shot is left of the large trees on the right edge of this fairway. The second shot must be hit high enough and long enough to carry the bunkers guarding the front of the green. Otherwise, play slightly to the right and give yourself a chip up the green and a chance to finish with a Par.

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