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Coastal Boat Trip & Kayak Adventure Combo

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Trip Summary: X015A

Best thing about this trip: A unique experience in which passengers can admire the beauty of the coast and unravel the mysteries of caves and beaches inaccessible by land. They leave by boat with the kayaks on board and go to the area to explore. This trip is suitable for families and less experienced people in kayaking, it is a beginner level. If someone gets tired, the boat is always nearby so passengers can come back, cool off with a cool drink or rest a bit. The travel video is included.

Departure Point: Ferragudo

Route: Ferragudo > Prainha (João de Arens)

Duration: 2 hours (time in kayak – 1h15).

Drinks Included: No, but the passengers may take their own if they wish.

Food Included: No, but passengers may take snacks if they want.

Visits inside caves: Yes, with the kayaks!


Best thing about this boat: Semi-rigid, fast, stable and safe.

Type: Semi-Rigid.

Motor or Sailing: Motor.

Maximum Capacity: 12 passengers + 2 crew.

Toilet: No

Bar: No (but the passengers can take theirs drinks and snacks if they wish).

If you want to experience a tour of the Algarve coastline but are looking to get as close as possible, then take part in a coastal kayak experience, combining both a boat trip and time to paddle yourself into the caves and coves of the coast.

The unique two hour tour sets off from Ferragudo and begins with a boat trip for a maximum of six people to a specially sourced kayak experience site. From here it is time to get into your own kayak and to make your way as a group to discover the natural beauty and wildlife of this stretch of the Algarve coastline.

An experienced guide is on hand to point out local landmarks and to direct you to the very best places and if you get tired, you can always get back on board for a rest while enjoying the sunshine before heading back to harbour.

Book now with only a small deposit to reserve your seat! Spaces are limited and advanced booking is essential so book now.

2 Hour Trip:

Adult €35
Child (up to 12) €25

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All bookings are subject to availability and to confirmation.

Reference X115A

Trip report by Algarve Fun’s writer Sara Fernández. Sara is a marine biologist and sea-lover that has been living in the Algarve and spent a long time working on dolphin watching boats. Continuously amazed by these magnificent creatures, she strongly believes that tourism is a powerful tool towards conservation. She loves sailing, diving and showing our visitors the spectacular coast of the Algarve.

 Kayaking in the Algarve is one of the best ways to explore the coast and discover all its secret spots. The tour would start in Ferragudo but the boat would take us westwards, to almost the beginning of Alvor beach. That place is named João d’Arens and it’s amazing! Its also highly recommended to visit from the land in order to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets from the top of the cliffs.

Ferragudo and Arade river
Ferragudo village.

I arrived in Ferragudo 30 minutes before 16:00, time at which the boat would depart. I was welcomed by Raúl, our guide. When the entire group was ready, we walked with Raúl to the end of the pier to take a transfer boat that would take us to Libertad (means “freedom”), a gorgeous Menorquin yacht for up to 12 people. Chico, the skipper, welcomed us on board and explained where we could leave our belongings and where the toilet was. Then he set course to João d’Arens. Raúl was in charge of the very informative briefing, explaining about safety and how the tour would be. Then, he left us to settle in on the comfortable mats at the front of the boat and enjoy the journey.

We sailed for half an hour passing by Praia da Rocha and Praia do Vau with their stunning sandy beaches. While Chico anchored the boat, Raúl distributed the life-vests by size and showed us how to put them on. At the same time, he gave as a beginner’s lesson on kayaking. This tour would be not too demanding though so we didn’t have to worry. Then, it was time to jump in the kayaks! Chico and Raúl made a good team on this process. Raúl was the last one on coming to his kayak, with a GoPro camera to film the trip!

We were all very excited! I got a single kayak although the majority of them are double. As there were some couples and a family, I was the only one alone and could get a single one.

people on kayaks
Getting ready for the kayak tour.

We then started kayaking with Raúl. The first stretch was absolutely great fun, especially for the kids in the group. The sea was very calm and there were lots of different rocks with holes, arches and passageways to go through. We could have been there having fun for the whole day if there was time!

Raúl told us he had much experience of kayaking in several places, so he knew when the conditions were fine or when we shouldn’t risk it in tidal or wavy areas. But that day the sea was spectacular! He gave us the explanation on how these high cliffs and the caves were formed over the centuries by natural processes. Also he pointed to some marine fossils on the walls.

We then came into a beautiful cave with a little beach inside. As the tide was ideal, we could drop off the kayaks and explore the cave. We followed Raúl through a narrow tunnel that ended in to another beautiful cave with an algar on top. It was a stunning place and the only way to access it is by kayak; not from land and not with boats!

Slowly and carefully, we went out of the cave and came into the next one just round the corner. This one did not have a beach (the tide was high) but the feeling of calmness inside was so nice. Before the whole group could get in, some of us went out because there was not enough space for all the kayaks to fit in.

couple on kayaks - Joao d'Arens
Kayaks in the caves of João d’Arens.

We got all together again and continued underneath some more arches and incredible rock formations. We spotted shags on the rocks and white herons. Seagulls were the main characters, of course. And our surprise: pigeons! Raúl explained that, even though people tend to associate pigeons with cities, their natural habitat is here. They are good at living by the cliffs and nest in little holes made in the walls of the cliffs. But, they later adapted to a different habitat which is the more urban areas, made by man. It was very interesting.

We passed by a couple of tiny sandy beaches and then went around a big rock where the wind was stronger and the sea was slightly rougher. We had been protected by all the cliffs and rocks so far, now we were unprotected. But with some effort we got to go around the big rock and enter on a very calm bay, with some caves to explore as well. The landscape all along was just breathtaking. Almost at the end of the trip, we made a stop on a secluded beach. That beach could only be accessible by the sea. It had a passageway behind the cliff that would take you to a final beautiful cave, from where nothing can be heard.

kayaking through the caves - Joao d'Arens
Kayaking through the caves in João d’Arens.

Raúl gave us some time to walk around, bask in the sun and go for a swim. The water was amazingly clear. Eventually, we got back on the kayak towards Libertad, which was waiting for us right in front of that beach. Chico received us with his enthusiastic face. He asked us to make ourselves comfortable on the mats while he and Raúl took care of the kayaks and prepared some drinks and snacks to offer us on the way back.

After a very relaxing journey, we arrived to Ferragudo. Thanks to Raúl and Chico for a great afternoon showing us the magic of the Algarve coast!

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