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Algarve Jeep Safari to Alte Mountains & Countryside

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Jeep safaris aim at introducing you to a different Algarve. The goal is to show the Algarve’s countryside, away from the coastal beachesThe Algarve’s countryside is crossed by Serra do Caldeirão, with a dense vegetation and a peaceful nature that has not yet been disturbed by man. The jeep safari tour lasts 7 hours. Dependent on your pickup location it normally starts at 9am, as the jeep picks up passengers anywhere between Armação de Pêra and Quinta do Lago, and ends at 4pm.  Safari Extremo Fd

Full day Safari

The safari through Serra do Caldeirão includes stops approximately every 45 minutes to allow passengers to stretch their legs and admire the spectacular scenery of the green hills of the mountain range. Oaks, arbutus, holm oaks and cork oaks grow in abundance, filling the valleys of Serra do Caldeirão with rows of trees. Serra do Caldeirão is a habitat to one of the most beautiful and timid species of animals in Europe. In fact, it is one of the places chosen by the Iberian lynx to live and hunt. Be alert and perhaps you will be able to spot this magnificent animal.

Hikes In The MoutainsHikes In The Moutains – Photo from Evasões

It is at an old distillery, near Alte, that the gastronomic tasting is made. You will have the opportunity to taste honey and a typical brandy in the middle of the valleys of Serra do Caldeirão. The immersion in nature has the ability to sharpen the palate and the taste of the gastronomic products is intensified. Afterwards it is time for roast chicken lunch. 

CaliceeMedronho Tasting – Photo by Sul Informação

After lunch, you will visit the village of Alte. Charming and peaceful are some of the adjectives that jump in sight when you first set eyes on the village. The beautiful orchards, the streets with the typical Portuguese sidewalk and the whitewashed houses with terraces paint a picture of contagious joy. In the oldest part of the village sits the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (“Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Assunção” in Portuguese), with its historical Manueline style entrance. In the centre of the village there is also a statue of the poet Francisco Xavier Cândido Guerreiro, who was born in Alte.  

AlteAlte – Photo from


After visiting Alte, and if the weather allows it, there will be a stop at a river for bathing. There is nothing like a refreshing swim in the streams that run through Serra do Caldeirão. The water is so pure that you can see the stones at the bottom. The swim feels like it has regenerative powers and you may feel reborn afterwards!   8 9 960x640 Ccreek in Serra do Caldeirão – Photo from Evasões

The jeep safari also includes a visit to an area of ​​cork oaks, so that you can learn more about the life cycle of cork. Cork trees are very important for the Portuguese economy as Portugal is a world leader in cork exports. Sobreiro Agroportal Pixabay 1900x700 CSobreiro – Cork Tree – Photo from Agroportal












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Full Day Tour (Reference X272):

The Algarve jeep safari full day tour is a voyage to discover the deepest Algarve through off-road tracks, refreshing streams and old villages where time has stopped including the most beautiful landscapes, regional architecture and gastronomical tastes of Algarve. One of the musts of this tour is the gastronomical tasting of honey or jam. As well, the visit to an old firewater distillery and tasting of the famous Medronho drink. The day goes between hills and valleys, lowlands and villages; an unforgettable journey through the magical Algarve.


Opportunity to know the best of Algarve
Jeep safari experience
Stops in natural view points for photographic moments
The discovery of the old distillery
Gastronomic tasting
Lunch included at a typical restaurant

Half Day tour (Reference X273):

A voyage to discover the deep Algarve through rural roads, off-road tracks, crossing streams and passing old villages where time has stopped. It will be a half day full of emotions and typical tastes. Gastronomic tasting is a must on this journey with honey, natural fruit jelly or firewater examples of this opportunity. The tour includes visiting one of the highest points of Algarve to enjoy magnificent landscapes and views.


Opportunity to know the best of Algarve in halfday tour
Stops in natural belvederes stops for photographic moments
The discovery of the old distillery
Gastronomic tasting

Sunset Tour with Dinner (Reference X311):

Discover the Algarve countryside, take a breath-taking sunset and cap it off with dinner at a traditional Portuguese restaurant.


Discover the Algarve during a 5 hour tour (approx)
Stop for photos and to take in the sunset
Dinner at restaurant included

Jeep Safari – Alte

Book now with only a small deposit to reserve your seat! Spaces are limited and advanced booking is essential so book now.

Full Day Tour :
Adults €57-€59
Children (aged 0-10) €28-€30

Half Day tour :
Adults €42-€44
Children (aged 0-10) €28-€30

Sunset Tour :
Adults €43-€45
Children (aged 0-10) €25-€27

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Jeep Safari Alte - Full Day 57.00

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The Algarve is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. The almost a hundred-kilometres-long coastline is home to stunning beaches, cliffs and magical caves. On the countrysidetwo imposing mountains separate the Algarve from Alentejo: Serra do Caldeirão and Serra de Monchique. Both hide old villages where time seems to have stopped and people live calmly and cheerfully. Full of natural belvederes, an abundant vegetation very different from the one found at the coast, and with surprising gastronomic flavours, the Algarve’s countryside is truly a unique wonder in Portugal. To uncover this lost paradise, jeep safaris are organized.

Serra do barrocal algarvio
Serra Algarvia – Photo from CM Tavira


The half-day jeep safari lasts four hours and can be happen in the morning or in the afternoon. The morning tour starts at 9am and ends at 1pm.  The afternoon one starts at 2pm and ends at 6pm. Do not worry about transportation because it is already included in the tour. The jeep will pick you up anywhere between Armação de Pêra and Quinta do Lago. Afterwards it will venture into Serra do Caldeirão. The jeep, driven by an experienced guide, usually picks up passengers half an hour before departure time.

Despite its relatively low altitude, Serra do Caldeirão is essentially made up of hills with oaks, arbutus trees or holm oaks that form colorful landscapes. Stops are scheduled every 45 minutes so that you can enjoy the scenery. Do not forget the camera (and make sure to bring a pair of good shoes)!

Passeio Bicleta Na Via Algarviana.26.06.2010a02.07.2010 011
Serra do Caldeirão – Photo from Adventure Bike Pedestre

One of the places where the jeep stops is in the Alte area. From the natural viewpoint you can admire the entire Serra do Caldeirão and, in the distance, the Atlantic Ocean. The various trees, the streams and the absence of noise pollution make the moment incredibly rewarding. The viewing point at Serra de Alte is one of the best kept secrets by the Algarve population, who are well aware of the pleasure of enjoying a magnificent view away from crowds. 

640px Serra Saco Do Caldeirão!
Serra Do Caldeirão – Photo from Wikipedia


After the stop at the belvedere, the jeep goes to the village of Alte. Split in the middle by the Alte river, the picturesque village retains an air of tranquillity that makes us a smile. Alte is known as the most typical village in the Algarve because of its terraces with traditional chimneysthe whitewashed houses and the streets with the Portuguese sidewalk. Several buildings also have tiles. In the oldest part of the village, there is the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção which has a beautiful entrance built in the Manueline style. The village also has an elegant monument built as a tribute to the poet Francisco Xavier Cândido Guerreiro, who was born in Alte.  


Alte village
Alte Village – Photo from Trilhos do Algarve 

The safari also includes another stop in the Alte area, to allow passengers to try some of the region’s typical local products, such as the medronho spirit or regional honey. Both are exceptional, but we dare say that you will hardly find any better honey than the one you will have the opportunity to savour during your jeep safari. The medronho spirit tasting in an old distillery, where you will be also walked though how the production of this local fire-water was made.  

Medronho – Photo from Radio Pax

During summer months, and if there is time, you can stop at a stream for a swim. This is the best part of the tour. There is nothing like enjoying a dip in a spring in the middle of the mountain range, immersed in nature. The translucent waters of the natural fountain will enchant you and make you fall in love with the charms of the Algarve. When you finally get home, there will be a huge smile on your face, knowing you have spent an amazing morning/afternoon.


Fontes De Alte
City Stream of Alte – Photo from A viagem começa aqui 

Ever dreamed of getting in a jeep and just venturing into nature with friends? If that is the case, then this article is for you. Check here everything you need to know about the jeep safaris at sunset.

Sunset On The Jeep SafariSunset On The Jeep Safari

The safari starts at 6pm and transportation for passengers is included. This means that the jeep and the guide will pick you up from anywhere between Armação de Pêra and Quinta do Lago. Already with the passengers on board, the jeep heads into Serra do Caldeirão. It is then that the true adventure begins. 

As the jeep gains altitude, it leaves behind civilization, engulfing itself more and more in a flora composed of oaks, arbutus or holm oaks. The landscapes are so magnificent that there are stops every 45 minutes so you can enjoy the view and take pictures.

Sunset Serra
Sunset in Mountains – Photo by Geoview

The safari includes a gastronomic and typical brand tastingAt an old distillery, lost in the middle of Serra do Caldeirão, you will be able to try honey and medronho, both of which are typical Algarvian products.

Medrono MelosaMedronho Melosa – Photo from Iguaria

Near the beautiful village of Alte, that the jeep stops for you to enjoy a fabulous sunset. At over 400 m altitude, you can see the sun being swallowed on the horizon by the Atlantic Ocean, while the last rays of an orange colour give the hills of Serra do Caldeirão magical golden shades. While watching the sunset, you will be served a delicious glass of Port wine.

Sunset Jeep Tour in Sagres
Sunset Jeep Tour

Alte presents itself today as a quiet village where time seems to have stopped. People live to the flow of the brook that splits the village to the middle, in a calmness lost in the great metropolis. The well-cared orchards exalt the beauty of the charming village and the typical whitewashed houses with cobbled Portuguese streets will surely enchant you. Do not forget to look out for the delicate Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Assunção and its Manueline style entrance. Almost at the end of the tour, you will get the chance to eat a delicious dinner, where you can enjoy the traditional way of cooking roasted chicken in the Algarve 

Fixedw Large 4x
Typical Portuguese Monument – Photo from Trover 

Finally, the jeep will guide you to an area with cork oaks to explain more about the production of this plant material. Portugal is the main exporter of cork worldwide. This is a good opportunity to get to know more about the various uses of cork.

Cortiça Usos
Uses for Cork – Photo from Blog Remobilia
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