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Albufeira Horse Riding Tours

Explore the beaches and countryside of the Algarve with a horse riding or pony trekking tour in the spectacular area around the natural lagoons of Salgados, Albufeira.

It doesn’t matter what you level of riding is, the team of experienced professionals are able to take you at a pace that you feel comfortable with on the treks and there are several different horses and ponies available to choose from to suit you as a rider.

All the equipment that you need to go horse riding in the Algarve is provided for you by the team and both children and adults will adore being able to travel across country in this amazing part of the Algarve, where the lagoons are home to several species of endangered birds and unique flora and fauna.

Experience the freedom of galloping along the sands or explore the countryside of the Algarve during horse riding in Albufeira.

It doesn’t matter what you level of riding is, the team of experienced professionals are able to take you at a pace that you feel comfortable with on treks in this spectacular area of the Algarve, home to the lagoons of Salgados.

There are several different horses and ponies available to choose from and the team will help to pick out the horse to suit you as a rider. If you have never ridden before then you will be given one of the calm and placid horses, perfect for new riders just starting out.

Riders who have some experience under their belt can opt for one of the more lively horses who are more than happy to gallop and canter ahead if you want to speed along the golden sands of the beach while others trek along at their own pace, the choice really is up to you.

All the equipment that you need to go horse riding in the Algarve is provided for you by the team but you are advised to wear comfortable clothing and footwear and of course, a good amount of sun cream during the summer months when it can be particularly warm.

Both children and adults will adore being able to travel across country in this amazing part of the Algarve, where the lagoons are home to several species of endangered birds. Look out for migrating birds at different times of the year and you may even be lucky enough to spot some flamingos in the wild if you pick the right time!

Horses are known for being extremely therapeutic, so if you are looking for a way to relax and wind down in the Algarve while being out in the beautiful countryside, then this is an ideal Algarve experience. If you want to increase the adrenalin a little, then pick up the speed when you hit the beach and ride through the waves as they lap at the shore.

As well as horse riding, treks and riding lessons, the team also offer rides in gorgeous carriages for those who would rather not take the horse themselves. This way a small group can travel all together through the dunes and along the country paths while the experienced guide takes care of the horse and the route.

Riding activities take place throughout the year and every day of the week, making this a perfect experience both in and out of the main holiday season. If you are able to go at different times of the year then you are able to see the landscape as it transforms through the seasons and see many different species of flora and fauna and of course the wildlife.

Horse treks and rides can take place in groups or privately if you prefer, just give us a call and we can arrange the perfect Albufeira horseback riding experience for you.

Discover the Algarve by horseback and combine a visit to the Salgados lagoons, beach and surrounding countryside with a ride on a beautiful horse.

1h30 Riding Tour (x067A):
Adult – €35.00
Child ( Aged + 6) – €35.00

Spaces are limited and advanced booking is essential so book now!

2hr Riding Tour (x067B):
Adult – €45.00
Child ( Aged + 6) – €45.00

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Albufeira Horse Riding Tours 35.0045.00

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Trip report by Algarve Fun’s Samanta Duarte; an Algarvian who has also lived in England and Qatar. She has visited more than 50 countries, but it is to the Algarve that she always returns to discover the most beautiful places in the region and try the best activities and experiences. Mother of one little boy and an intrepid family traveller.

Going on a horse ride has been in my plans for a while now.

As a child, I was scared and didn’t have the chance to try it out or to even get close to them. But I was fascinated by horses and thought that people always looked so happy when they rode them.

There is a feeling of freedom in being able to get on a horse and riding off into the mountains and valleys.

The opportunity to go horse riding in the Algarve arose, and the place looked perfect:  On one side we are surrounded by countryside covered in vegetation and on the other side the sea in the background. What else could we wish for?

The riding centre is located on the western edge of Albufeira in Salgados with its famous lagoons and within easy reach of central Albufeira, Gale and the nearby town of Armação de Pêra.

The location has accommodation units but it’s their equestrian centre that is the centre of attention. The blue and white main building has wooden doors and reminds you of Alentejo’s typical homesteads. It has a stream running through it and several stables and horse homes. It is worth a trip just to see the different breeds and the rustic environment experienced there.

Horse Trip

I didn’t have any experience but that was not a problem as it isn’t needed as all of the staff at the equestrian centre, including our guide Diogo, takes perfect care of us and keep us safe. Those who are experienced can choose their horses and there are several breeds and sizes to choose from. Even ponies!

I arrived at 10, as you should be there half an hour before your ride is due and mine started at 10.30. There are several schedules, whether it is summer or winter. In the winter there are only two rides, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the summer, which has longer days and later sunset, more schedules are available and you can take this wonderful ride at sunset, by the Praia Grande de Armação de Pêra.

Staff provide you with all the equipment you’ll need, but you should wear comfortable stretchy clothes so that you can get up and down from the horses. You’ll also have to wear boots or closed trainers, riding horses in flip flops or barefoot is a Hollywood stunt and isn’t comfortable in real life.

Equestrian Center

We start by getting to know the horses (if you have never been in contact with one before), watch their behaviour and how they move.


Their carers are very affectionate with them and I quickly saw that they treat them as we do our cats and dogs at home: by petting and cuddling them.

“Horses like being petted, brushed and a lot of attention”-explains Diogo, the horse guy as he saddles the horse, clean its hooves and attaches all sorts of straps. We can take part in these tasks, which is great and teaches us so many things about this beautiful animal.

The horse chosen for me is called Bernardo, he is very calm and awaits me patiently.

After we put my helmet on and with simple instructions, we took a ride in the arena: “These horses are very gentle, they are used to different people and know the path we are going to take. Relax and he will take his morning stroll. If you want to turn right, pull the right rein if you want to turn left, pull the left rein. If you want to stop, pull both reins at once. If you need any help throughout the ride I will be here right next to you, the whole way, just let me know”.

I instantly felt safe. I adapted my balance and we started our ride.

It was a small group of 4 adults and regular riders that chatted along the way.

We rode over the Quinta da Saudade’s bridge, over the stream and into the trees following a dirt trail, towards Lagoa dos Salgados where in the spring you can see flamingos that chose special areas in the Algarve to rest from their migrating route from Africa.

Besides the Lagoa dos Salgados, you can also see the well tended green golf courses along our way.

Leaving the equestrian center

Horses are amazing animals and I felt at the top of the world up there. It is a very relaxing activity for both adults and children. While we wander through trees, streams, flowers and birds, the sea follows most of the path.

This activity can be booked in and is enjoyable in any season. In the summer,  there is no cold and the warm Algarvian summer breeze is welcomed and the evening strolls are an excellent way to end a day of swimming.

Our guide stopped twice during the ride to take pictures of us which makes for a lovely keepsake. The ride through the fields is great but arriving at the dunes at Grande beach was one of the highlights of this trip.

Horse Riding By The Beach

In the winter the paths are empty and so is the beach, providing a rare commodity: the view of an empty beach, without the typical sun umbrellas, and the turquoise sea. The mild Algarvian winters, mostly dry, allow for many rides, both during the day and in the evenings.

If you are not comfortable riding your own horse or if you’d prefer to take a relaxed ride with family and friends you can take a carriage. I liked this option as it means next time I can bring my young son and provide him with this amazing experience. Up till 5 years old, the ride on the carriage tour is free making this a quite inexpensive activity.

The ride took one hour and a half but I could’ve booked two hours as the price difference would’ve been worth it. Or booked a private ride but I enjoy talking and sharing experiences so I opted for the group ride instead.

If you are an experienced rider, you can discuss your requirements with guide and its normally possible for you to have a bit more freedom to do some galloping and perhaps even take your horse into the sea if there aren’t many people on the beach (for example during the winter).  The centre works to accommodate guests of all experience levels so you’re sure to have a great time.

This ride has limited places so I booked in advance. I recommend visitors book their places as soon as possible and leave a deposit to ensure their places so that they don’t have to change their holiday plans.

I really want to return to this equestrian centre and next time I will book a class.  Sure you don’t need it for the ride, but I want to better understand how it all works, to have better posture and be more agile. Classes are a great way to gain more experience with horses and be more relaxed in my next ride.

Thank you Diogo for being so nice and helpful. I can’t wait to come back!

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